Austin Motel
Our Buildings
Above: Located in an original 1938 building, the lobby is open 24 hours a day with coffee, tea, comfortable seating and a smiling face.
Above: This completely renovated 1938 building houses our largest, most modern rooms; the suites and luxury doubles. These spacious rooms have high ceilings, central ac and heat, saltillo tile, and near room parking.
Above: Our pool deck rooms were built in the early ’50s and still reflect the charm created back then. Shaded by a large tree, their windows look out over small decks onto the pool area. The original bathrooms still exist in these rooms offering a colorful glimpse into the motel’s past.
Above: This is our youngest building; built in 1968 it doubled the size of the original motel and now it allows us a chance to offer our guests a standard sized room with those customized Austin Motel room designs.
Above right: In 1938, folks all across America headed out on the open road, staying in small rooms with their cars conveniently just outside. The new phenomon of quaint little roadside "Motels" sprung up all across “Route 66” and “The Old San Antonio highway” and Americans embraced them as a new way of life. The Austin Motel is one of these little Motels that has survived. This building is from that era and houses our smaller singles, smaller than today’s standard rooms, but offering all the charm and necessities one might need plus great savings for your travel costs. Three of our large singles are also here, offering a spacious room with a classic “historic” feel.
Our Cool Pool
We call it our “COOL POOL” —built in the early 1950—its large kidney shape and deep waters stay cool even in the hottest of Texas summers. Open Daily from 8am until 11pm. (See FAQ for more information about our pool.)
Our Grounds
Cozy outdoor seating, tile works,
lush summer greenery, and statuary
can be found throughout the motel
—adding quiet places and visual
interest for our guests to enjoy.
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