2013 Austin Motel Austin Formula One 2013 Room Rates (November 1, 2013)

For Reservations Inquires call (512) 441-1157 or  reservations@austinmotel.com
Please note we do not take reservations online.
The following Rates and  Reservation policies are for 2013


Thanks for your interest in staying with us for Formula One Racing week-end 2013! The dates of the Austin Formula One Racing week-end this year are November 15th, 16th, & 17th, 2013.

Reservations for the entire month of November begin August 1st at 9am central time.  We are a small motel and will sell out quickly for the nights of the Formula One Races. We are taking reservations by phone only and expect to be booked within the first hour.

Our phone number is (512) 441-1157.  If you get a busy signal, keep trying.  If your call rings through to our hold music, don’t hang up!  We take calls in the order they are received.  Please note that there is no guarantee you will be able to get a room even if you begin calling us at 9:00 am.

Information about the rates and reservation policies for F-1 2013:
We require that Friday and Saturday are rented as a pair.
We only allow 2 rooms per person to be reserved, and only 1 person per call can reserve a rooms.

Our rates do increase:  Our rates are higher than normal for the nights of November 15th,16th and 17th.
Our regular rates will apply for any other night of your stay and can be found on our website www.austinmotel.com.

F-1 rates per night are:

- Small singles_____________________$143.48 plus $21.52 tax=$165.
- Ground Floor large single/ doubles___$165.22 plus $24.78=$190.
- 2nd story large singles/doubles______$165.22 plus $24.78 tax=$190.
- Poolside rooms___________________$204.35 plus $30.65 tax=$235.
- Luxury rooms____________________$226.09 plus $33.91tax=$260.
- Suites__________________________$252.17 plus $37.83tax=$290.

A deposit of the cost of one night of your stay in your room is required for the F-1 event.  This charge will be made on the day you make your reservation.
A receipt for the charge and a letter of confirmation will be sent to you after the charge is made.  Payment must be made with a credit card, no cash or checks allowed. 

Cancellation policy:  Due to the very high demand for rooms during the Formula 1 nights, we ask that your commitment to your reservation be a strong one.

For Cancellations from August 1st until 12 noon on November 1st will be a $50.00 fee deducted from your deposit.
Cancellations after 12 noon on November 1st to 12 noon on November 14th: $100 cancellation fee deducted from deposit refund.
Cancellations made after 12 noon on November 14th: no refund of deposit.

If you have any questions that are not answered here, please feel free to give us a call. 

Best Wishes and we hope we can accommodate you for Formula One, and any other time of the year. 

Texas Smile

Austin Motel, 1220 South Congress, Austin Texas 78704